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Capsule Shell Making Machines

Capsule shell making machines, also known as capsule shell manufacturing machines or encapsulation machines, are used to produce the empty capsule shells used in capsule filling operations. These machines automate the process of forming and drying the capsule shells from gelatin or vegetarian-based materials. Here are some common types of capsule shell making machines:

Capsule Shell
  1. Dip Coating Machine:

    This type of machine utilizes stainless steel pins or molds that are dipped into a liquid gelatin solution. The pins are then lifted out of the solution, and the excess gelatin is drained off, allowing the gelatin to form a coating on the pins. The coated pins are then dried, and the formed capsule shells are removed.

  2. Rotary Drying Machine:

    In this type of machine, the coated pins or molds are transferred to a rotary drum dryer. The drum rotates, allowing hot air to circulate around the pins or molds and facilitate the drying process. The dried capsule shells are then collected and ready for further processing.

  3. Automatic Capsule Shell Making Machine:

    These machines integrate the processes of dip coating and drying into a single automated system. They can handle large-scale production and offer higher efficiency and productivity compared to manual or semi-automatic methods. These machines typically include features such as temperature and humidity control, precise dipping and drying times, and automated shell removal.

When selecting a capsule shell making machine, factors to consider include production capacity, ease of use, reliability, and compliance with regulatory standards. It is recommended to consult with suppliers or manufacturers of capsule manufacturing equipment to find a machine that meets your specific production needs and quality requirements.